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The ethos of Oxford Holistic Therapies is that each consultation considers the "whole" of the individuals needs; physical, emotional & spiritual. All of these factors are of equal importance and all are inter-related, often impacting on one another. It is therefore, important that a holistic approach to lifestyle is taken, in order to provide a picture of where stressors may be for a person. This allows treatments to be tailor met to individual needs. The treatment aims to reduce the chances of the manifestation of ill health to mind, body or soul. Ultimately, treatment aims to holistically assist in bringing about balance and well being within any lifestyle.

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The Holistic Consultation

To ensure that you are provided with the correct treatment a full consultation will be taken prior to your first session. Within this consultation you will be asked to provide relevant information regarding your health and lifestyle in order to enable your therapist to tailor a session which meets your individual needs. This may include one, or a combination of the therapies listed:

Holistic Massage | Sports Massage | Deep Tissue Massage | Reflexology | Warm Stone Therapy | Indian Head Massage
Reiki | Lymphatic Drainage Massage | Shiatsu Style Massage | Pilates | Reiki Teaching

The above complimentary and Alternative therapies are considered alongside more conventional methods of using the bio/psycho/social assessment founded in Occupational Therapy. With over 20 years experience in OT, it forms the basis of assessment and treatment planning for the many therapies mentioned above.

Using the Australian Pilates Physiotherapy Institute (APPI) training, Pilates is also used as part of an ongoing approach to an individuals treatment/rehabilitation. One to one pure pilates sessions can be provided or exercise prescribed following complimentary therapies to ensure strengthening, body conditioning and wellbeing are maintained.

we also aim to educate our clients so they can understand the causes of their condition, empowering them with an awareness to help them in their daily living.

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a gentle, rhythmical stroking and kneading of the bodies' soft tissues. It soothes away tension; relaxes and balances the body and mind. With an holistic approach the 'whole' person is treated rather than symptoms of anxiety, excessive stress or illness. The effects of this massage will help your mind unwind and become still, leaving you calm and refreshed with a lighter perspective.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage is a type of massage that is tailored to sporting injuries or ailments. It is not meant to be a relaxing massage, and can be quite vigorous. Contrary to the name, it is not only utilized by professional sports people or those who exercise heavily, it is also of benefit to anyone who exercises, even if only mild such as regular walking. Sports massage is designed to keep your muscles in optimum condition, thus preventing and relieving injuries. It uses instructed breathing with a number of techniques which can also increase endurance and performance, as well as minimising the chances of injury. Sports massage usually focuses on specific areas and although may cause slight discomfort during the session or just after,it should bring about relief within two days. It increases muscle integrity and brings about an energised feeling of well being.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue, as it name says, focuses on the deep layers of muscle tissue. The purpose of deep tissue massage is to unstick muscle fibres, release toxins and deeply held tension points. It also helps get blood and oxygen circulating properlyand releases muscular congestion. A specific slow, deep massage which is both corrective and therapeutic. It is beneficial for many physical problems including sports injuries, chronic pain or tension. It has also been known to release deep emotional issues that have been stored in the body and are the cause of recurrent problems. Althought perforformed by the therapists own use of hands, forearms and elbows, the use of warm stones has been found especially beneficial.

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Reflexology is a treatment that dates back thousands of years. It works on 'Reflex Points' on the feet, or alternatively the hand.Reflexology is deeply relaxing, and stimulates reflex points relating to specific organs and bodily systems. It promotes health via a similar body map used within eastern therapies such as acupuncture and acupressure. Through stimulating map points on the feet, energy pathways are unblocked and maintained, preventing the chances of stress to a particular organ or system, in turn preventing illness and maintaining body balance. It is more than just a 'foot rub,' using a number of techniques which the therapist applies using the thumb or fingers to zones and reflex point. It is a powerful therapy which can determine when a bodily system is not working at its best. By working over sensitive reflexes the tenderness can reduce, restoring normal function. It is a popular and successful therapy for dealing with infertility, digestive problems, insomnia in particular, but benefits for combating stress and relaxation are apparent following treatment.

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Warm Stone Therapy

Stone Therapy dates back to use within ancient civilisations as a way of healing. It works on a physical and spiritual level. Through the use of basalt stones, which store their own energy because of their exposure to the elements, and because they are a dense volcanic stone, rich in iron and minerals, heat can be retained and applied to the body relaxing, healing massage. The stones are said to retain healing properties such as stability, strength, clarity, easing anger and helping understanding. The stones are applied to the body as an extension of the therapists' hands, using traditional massage techniques. The warmth of the stones penetrates the muscles, quickly relaxing their fibres and reducing joint tension. The effects allow for a deeper massage, but avoids discomfort that may occur with remedial massage. The heat of the stones relaxes the muscle and balances the nervous system like no other treatment. This is a powerful and deeply relaxing treatment. It has a three pronged approach, providing massage, heat and healing in unison. This therapy is also very successful in dealing with old injuries and can be tailored to incorporate the use of cold stones, which can be used for flushing the body, particularly effective for lymph drainage, sports injuries, facial sinus and fluid drainage.

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage is a traditional art based on the ancient Indian medicine known as Ayurveda. The word 'Ayurveda' comes from Sanskrit, meaning 'the science of life and longevity.' Indian head has evolved in the west to encompass some of the basic principles, but it has also been westernised to incorporate other stress-holding areas such as the neck, shoulders and upper back. Techniques used are therefore both traditionally Indian and Western. It does not use oil on the scalp, there is no need to undress. It is effective and quick in terms of relieving tension headaches, improving energy flow, decreasing muscular tension and improving flexibility. No special requirements are necessary, and it tends to be popular in those who are heavily pregnant or using a wheelchair because it is portable massage that can be performed anywhere with minimum fuss. It helps improve on the effects of stress, breathing difficulties, circulation in the upper body and is very relaxing, but helps increase mental alertness.

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Reiki is a natural healing system that uses energy to heal. Reiki is a Japanese word that has more than one interpretation and is used to describe more than one system of healing, but at its simplest means universal Energy. The Usui system of natural healing is the preferred method used because of its pure and Japanese ancient origins. It is a powerful and unique form of healing; which can be used actively or passively, but tends to be more effective when used actively. It can be used to heal mind, body and spirit. Reiki works by "laying of hands" over different parts of the body to channel energy flow. Reiki uses different frequencies of bioenergy, working at the frequency of the illness/injury/problem. Research has been carried out into the human energy field over the past few years, and now it is scientifically and medically accepted that such energy fields do exist, and furthermore can be measured. Biofield measurements are beginning to be used medically now, as a valid diagnosis tool. It has been shown that energy healers emit strong biomagnetic field from their hands when healing. Those that use QI Gong and Kiko use their own internal life force energy generally, and the strong biomagnetic fields' produce an extremely low frequency on the electromagnetic frequency. This is the same range that biomedical researchers are finding effective in healing a variety of soft and hard tissues. Reiki goes beyond the usual range to heal emotional and spiritual trauma, as well as the lower physical trauma. It is unusual not to feel different either mentally, physically or spiritually following a treatment. Healing will often occur where needed as opposed to where desired. This is beyond the control of either healer or participant, but is usually due to the universal energy determining where it is best required.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This massage was developed in the 1930s and is a very light and delicate form of massage which stimulates the bodies' lymphatic system, assisting metabolism, helping eliminate waste and toxins, reduce swelling/oedema, and to boost the immune system. The lymphatic system is quite superficial and found just below the skin, therefore a light massage technique is applied using circular and pumping movements to encourage and stimulate the lymphatic flow. This therapy is particularly popular within pregnancy as it is one of few massage therapies considered to be safe. It is also good in reducing the puffiness of swollen ankles and other forms of oedema, e.g. Lymphedema, following the removal of lymphatic nodes. It is a popular therapy when trying to lose weight, and can assist most weight loss programmes as well as being quite a successful way of reducing cellulite.

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Shiatsu Style Massage

This is a form of body work originally developed in Japan. It is simillar to acupressure/acupuncture, but uses finger pressure instead of needles. Its goal is to restore the flow of energy through the body. It is a holistic therapy which aims to address mind, body and spirit, rather than focusing on an area where symptoms are specific or obvious. Finger and thumb pressure are applied to body energy pathways, known as meridians. Techniques such nas rocking, stretching and gentle joint rotations are used and the client can remain fully clothed. It can help a wide range of conditions and regualr session can help prevent the build up of stress.

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The Pilates method is essentially a mind body centring technique that emphasise the importance of beginning movement from a central core of stability, namely the lumbar pelvic region.

From this central core, the Pilates method works by adjusting the intensity of each exercise through the use of differing length levers (various limb movements) and resistance (use of Pilates equipment). Combine this with appropriate breathing control and the essence of the mind body technique that is Pilates is evident.

One to one sessions are available and can also be used as an introduction to the weekly Wednesday and Saturday classes that are currently being held at St Swithuns Church Hall, Kennington. Please contact us to book a place on one of our courses.

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Reiki Teaching

Shoden/Reiki 1 degree course covers the origins & history of reiki. Shoden means entrance or beginning & is an introduction to the healing of the self before progressing to a higher level. Okunden/reiki 2 degree concentrates on developing students mental focus extending energy work to others. This level provides greater detail regarding how to work professionally with energy work as a reiki practitioner.

Students are provided with a certificate and optional ongoing support once course has been competed and case study submission has been met. Refreshers are available for those who lack confidence to practice or have lapsed/ceased to practice and may need re-attunement.

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