Tracie D'Souza

TracieTracie's qualified as an Occupational Therapist (OT) and gained her BSc. (Hons.) degree in 1998. She practiced in a number of fields including long term & acute mental health, learning disabilities, social services physical disabilities services and a number of hospital settings. She has always had a special interest in oncology and palliative care which also lead her to seek out and learn about other alternative therapies as a means of treatment and in her strive to offer more a more holistic approach to therapy. In 2008 she moved to Australia and into management, where she managed an OT service for Peninsula Health in Melbourne. She returned to the UK to take on her current part time role managing 3 community rehabilitation facilities within Oxfordshire Health Service and has set up her holistic therapies practice.

She was asked by one of her holistic therapies clients to lead a corporate team building day regarding stress management and how to deal with it. She has subsequently led teaching sessions where she has bought body balance and the importance of looking after self into the corporate world and has introduced shiatsu style massage as one of many demonstrations in which she gets a whole team practising alternative means of stress relief and body balance as a means to achieving wellness. She also lectures on a part time basis at the London School of Massage (formerly BodyBasics) in most subject areas she practices.

Although able to offer one off treatments in all of the therapies that she practices what really sets Tracie apart from other practitioners is the fact that she has a wide range of experience and therapies which enable her to offer a more holistic consultation and tailor make packages in which a number of therapies can be used. It's not uncommon for her to incorporate 3 therapies within one treatment session in order to achieve an agreed goal. She has links with several other therapists and instructors who she can refer to if dealing with an issue beyond her scope, or when working jointly to ensure the desired outcome in dealing with the person as a whole.